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We hope to make the process clear for you.

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Navigating the world of insurance can be tricky and confusing. We hope we can provide some clarity.


In-network providers have a negotiated contracted rate with your health insurance company. On the other hand, out-of-network providers do not have a contract with your health insurance company. Seeing an in-network provider often is the most cost-efficient way of seeking treatment, where you pay the least. Most of the time, you are able to see out-of-network providers. However, the cost does increase.

Life Redefined Clinical Counseling is IN-NETWORK with the following 5 insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield | PPO & BCO

  • United Health Care | Optum

  • Cigna | Evernorth

  • Aetna

* Unfortunately, we do not accept any Medicaid at this time.

Out of Pocket Costs:

  • Initial Session: $175

  • Regular 50-minute Session: $150

Insurance Carriers + Costs

Get your questions resolved.

We recommend that you contact your specific insurance company and ask them any questions you might have regarding your plan and any behavioral health benefits. If you have an insurance card, there should be a customer support number to call that is connected to your specific plan. Because there are so many different plans that exist, the best place to get your specific questions answered will be with your insurance carrier.

If you need to consult us for a specific situation, please feel free to contact us using this form.

We will reach out soon!

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