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Discover a new normal.

We are trained therapists that create safe spaces where people can unpack and untangle difficult emotions to create a new normal.

Confronting complex emotions and experiences can be hard. 

So, what we often do is ignore them, hoping time will take care of it. But the truth is, these emotions and situations rarely go away by themselves. They start to pile up until they just hum in the background. An uneasy compromise we call normal. 


It doesn’t have to be this way.

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You can create a new normal. A healthier normal. A better normal.

Life Redefined Clinical Counseling is a team of seasoned clinical social workers and counselors located in the western suburbs of Chicago helping people navigate and untangle the complex emotions and situations in life. We believe you can find more joy, health and growth and we want to help you do that.

We help our clients create a new normal by:

Creating Safe Spaces

We provide intentional emotional and physical spaces where our clients can safely unpack their lives. Every detail of the rooms, our language and our demeanor is meant to help our clients take a breath and feel safe. We are genuinely passionate about helping people live better lives and hope this is reflected in our spaces and attitudes.

Connecting Clients with Knowledgeable and Qualified Therapists

Our therapists are trained and certified to help navigate and untangle complex situations and emotions. They use a variety of tools, assessments and treatments to identify what is really happening and then help construct a plan towards building your new normal.

Building Tangible, Practical Ways to a New Normal

While just unpacking our emotions and finding clarity around our situations feels relieving, the ultimate goal at Life Redefined is to help our clients live better, healthier lives. We take a practical approach to creating frameworks and tangible next steps for our clients that not only make them feel better but actually be better. 

The process can seem complicated but we try to make it as simple as possible. Once you reach out, here's what happens:

1. Connect

When you reach out to us, we will set up a time where we can connect to see if Life Redefined is the right fit for you. We’ll have a general conversation about what you would want to accomplish during our time together and after we get a general picture of your situation, we can propose a plan for you to create a new normal.

2. Untangle

Through assessments, conversations and treatments, we will start doing the work of untangling the complex situations and difficult emotions in your life. As we proceed, our aim is for you to gain the insight and clarity needed to see a better way forward.

3. Apply

We want you to not only feel better but to actually be better in all aspects of your life. After untangling your emotions and situations, we will plan tangible steps you can implement in your life to slowly but surely create a new healthier and better normal.

"I can't express how much my life has changed since I started seeing Alex. Life Redefined has definitely changed my life, encouraged me to reach goals I didn't even know I had, and helped me process and remember my trauma of my past in a way that I can live with happily now."

A new normal starts with a conversation. 

Confronting the difficult emotions and situations in your life can be intimidating. And sometimes, the people around us might not understand why we would see a therapist. But you don’t have to be “falling apart” to engage with this process. You just have to be ready for your normal to be better. 

We will reach out soon!

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